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    DITA 1.2 Conditional Text Extension Pack

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    This package does the same thing as the [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1225.0.html]DITA 1.1 Conditional Text Extension Pack[/url], but works with DITA 1.2 DTDs.

    Installing the DITA 1.2 Conditional Text Extension Pack
    1) Download and install the [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,617.0.html]DITA 1.2 Configuration Kit for XMetaL[/url].
    2) Download and unzip the attached dita12_conditional_extension_pack.zip file.
    3) Exit XMetaL Author Enterprise.
    4) Back up the following folders. Then copy the contents of the “DTDs” folder to all of the following folders, accepting all prompts to overwrite files:

    • C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITADITA_OT_DTD
    • C:Program FilesCommon FilesXMetaL SharedDITA_OT1.5dtd

    • %APPDATA%SoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OT1.5dtd if it exists. ([url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1231.msg3946.html#msg3946]What is the %APPDATA% folder?[/url]) If this folder does not exist, you don't have to copy the files into it. However, if the folder exists but is hidden on your system, you must arrange to have it un-hidden and then copy the files into it.

    5) If you are using an older version of the DITA 1.2 Configuration Kit, copy the contents of the “XACs” folder to the C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACs folder. You do not have to do this step if you are using DITA 1.2 Configuration Kit 6.0.2 or later.
    6) Open the C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorConditional Textconfigsct_config.xml file in a [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,955.0.html]text editor[/url].
    7) Add rows to the ct_config.xml file for the new attributes. An example is provided in the attached ct_config.xml file.
    8) Start XMetaL and open a DITA topic. You should see the five new attributes in the Attribute Inspector for all types of elements that have the @audience, @platform, and @product attributes. If you don't, you might need to [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1165.0.html]clear rules files from the cache[/url].


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