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  • kenfesta

    Difficulty downloading xmetal 7.0

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    We already have licenses for xmetal 7.0 and just got some new computers. When I tried to get the installation executable, I filled out the form again and was given the download link. Once there, I got the following dialog box, asking me for login credentials:

    “The server requires a username and a password”

    I tried my xmetal forum username/pw, with no luck.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Difficulty downloading xmetal 7.0

    You must use the username and password provided to you in the email that contained the FTP link for the download. This email would have been sent to you either by our sales or accounting team. If you did not make the purchase then it would have been sent to someone else (the person that made the purchase on your behalf at your organization).

    If you cannot locate the email please contact our sales team directly.

    The XMetaL Community Forums website is not connected to any of our other systems. Your forum username and password are only useful with the forum.


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