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  • markposton

    Difference between "Open from" and "Browse" repository

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    Please could someone clarify the difference between these two options on the repository menu? What is the difference in functionality between the two, particularly when wanting to edit an XML file.
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    Derek Read

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    From your other posts it looks like you are implementing a connector to a CMS, so I assume you probably have the XMetaL Connector SDK (provided through our partner channels). That should contain information for the expected functionality for each item in Repository menu.

    [quote=connectorreference.pdf]…Open from Repository.
    Shows a repository-specific UI that allows the user to open a repository document for editing.

    …Explore Repository.
    Shows a repository specific UI for exploring the repository, for example, a modeless search window, an embedded view of the repository in the Resource Manager, or an open dialog…

    Essentially what this means is if you choose to enable the second one it is up to you to decide what to implement for the particular CMS you are integrating with, and that functionality will also be driven by the CMS capabilities.



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    Thanks for that. I missed that explanation somehow.
    We have already implemented the connector pretty successfully and just tying up a few lose ends.


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