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    Deploy a new XMAX version to clients

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    Our clients currently run XMAX version 5. We want to upgrade them to version 6.
    I placed the XMControl.CAB version 6 on the server and changed the html-download page to:


    I also tried:

    (I extracted the version number from the XMControl.dll)

    Now the programmers guide says:

    Note:….If you specify a number that is greater than the currently-installed CAB file, a newer version is sought and installed. You can use this mechanism to ensure that clients viewing your HTML page are always up to date with the latest version of the XMAX CAB file (provided you update the page with the new version number). If you erroneously specify a number higher than the latest version of XMAX, the CAB file is repeatedly installed with each page-view.

    Somehow this does not work. The new CAB is only downloaded to the client after I manually remove the installed files from “C:windowsDownloaded Program Files”

    My questions are:
    – Should the mechanism as stated in the PG-note work?
    – If so are there conditions that I don'n meet?
    – Is there another way to deploy the new version, without having to uninstall all “Downloaded Program Files” manually on each client?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Deploy a new XMAX version to clients

    Yes, this should work. Note that this is not an XMAX feature, it is a Microsoft Internet Explorer feature. We merely provide the CAB file.

    Microsoft specifies in their documentation that the major/minor version numbers are to be separated by commas (your example uses periods). That's what I would check first.

    You can find the version numbers we declare inside the CAB file in the manfest, which is XMControl.inf.

    These pages might also be of some help:

    Discussion about non-admin deployment in older IE versions:
    Mods to CAB files:
    IE6 Bug: (this last one would likely only affect you if you modified or repackaged our CAB)

    If your specific issue still occurs you may wish to read Microsoft documentation for your specific version of IE on your specific version of Windows.



    Reply to: Deploy a new XMAX version to clients

    Hi Derek,

    It works fine now. Thanks a lot

    I did have the comma's wrong and the 1,0,3,xxx.
    Both I found in the XMetal Prrogrammers guide.
    Maybe something to correct in the PG for the next release:
    In the page “Download the XMetaL XMAX CAB file”

    –  CODEBASE=”,0,3,xxx”>
    –  The ‘xxx’ portion of the version number (above) should be replaced.
    But the complete 1,0,3,xxx should be replaced.

    – Get the version from the XMControl.dll properties-version tab (this number has points instead of comma's)
    But get it from the manifest  “XMControl.inf” (which is comma separated)



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