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  • Derek Read

    Demo: XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 WebHelp Deliverable Fixes

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    XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0
    Relevant to clients producing WebHelp output from DITA

    Another issue has been identified. To make it easy to deploy I have made the change here and provided a new zip file. The new issue is documented below as #5.

    Why is this a Demo?
    We don't consider this a patch as we are not providing an installer and we are not providing this code through our usual update distribution channel. In addition, although it can be considered tested it has not gone through the formal testing process that JustSystems QA department normally puts our products through. I'm calling this a demo because we have a legal snippet that I can include for that purpose. Think of this as basically being equivalent to what some companies would call “beta” code. You are free to use it but you do so at your own risk. We are likely to include these or similar fixes in an upcoming release.

    Here's the official legalese which should trump anything I've stated above (in case you are a lawyer looking for loopholes):

    * Licensed Materials – Property of JustSystems, Canada, Inc.
    * (c) Copyright JustSystems Canada, Inc. 2010
    * All rights reserved.
    * The sample contained herein is provided to you “AS IS”.
    * It is furnished by JustSystems Corporation as a simple example and has not been
    * thoroughly tested under all conditions. JustSystems Canada, Inc., therefore, cannot
    * guarantee its reliability, serviceability or functionality.
    * This sample may include the names of individuals, companies, brands and products
    * in order to illustrate concepts as completely as possible. All of these names are
    * fictitious and any similarity to the names and addresses used by actual persons or
    * business enterprises is entirely coincidental.

    We are very interested in gathering feedback on our WebHelp solution. You may comment in response to this posting or submit information through the XMetaL Support channels.

    Background and Changes:
    There are several known issues with the deliverable type included with XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 called “WebHelp”:

    1. Map title element and title attributes are now set according to their preferred usage in maps as stated in the DITA Language Reference. The DITA Language Reference suggests that the map title element is preferred and that the attribute is to be considered deprecated. This is not the case in the version we ship.
    Case 1: If one of title element OR title attribute is set use the title from the one that has a value.
    Case 2: If both title element AND title attribute are set use the title from the title element.
    Case 3: If neight title element NOR title attribute is set use title to “XMetaL Webhelp”.

    2. When the same WebHelp output was generated to the same location new data was being appended to the following files:

    These files consist of JavaScript arrays that drive the navigation and search functionality in WebHelp. They are now rewritten/overwritten each time you produce WebHelp to avoid file size bloating and duplication of array declarations.

    3. Titles containing quotation mark characters cause problems with the WebHelp scripts for navigation. This was an issue because the arrays that are built to drive the WebHelp use quotation marks to delimit each string value. Quotation marks are now escaped so they no longer cause scripting errors for these arrays.

    4. Some output files should be encoded in UTF-8 but were not. This was an issue for topics containing Unicode characters above U+007F in some cases and it was causing issues specifically for navigation and search. Most people with English language documents would not see this issue (though it is possible to include such characters in English language documents as well obviously). This issue was more apparent with non-English topics and topic titles. These files are now encoded in UTF-8.

    5. A fix originally put into the CSS to address limitations in Internet Explorer 6 causes some Mozilla-based browsers (at least some versions of FireFox) to render the height of the navigation pane (TOC, Search and Index) too small causing its content to be cut off. A new webhelp.css file is included to address this problem. It now contains standard CSS for all browsers and a specific CSS override just for IE6.

    Note that below refers to the folder where XMetaL Author Enterprise has installed or deployed the DITA Open Toolkit. Please refer to the following posting for information on deployment: http://forums.XMetaL.com/index.php/topic,237.
    1. Extract attached ZIP file to an empty folder.
    2. Back up the following folder:
    demowebhelp in case you wish to restore it.
    3. Remove the contents of
    4. Copy the contents of the folder created in step 1 into the empty folder from step 3.

    Uninstalling / Restoring Out of the Box Version:
    1. Remove the contents of the folder demowebhelp
    2. Restore the backup copy you created during installation above. If you did not create a backup copy you may uninstall and reinstall XMetaL Author Enterprise.


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