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    Defining Relationship

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    In another forum, I posted this question, and was told that if posted here, there will be a higher chance of getting an answer.

    I am given the following guidelines for my project:

    Creating Cross-Reference and Bookmark
    ¡¤ Cross-Reference, Link and Bookmark
    ¡¤ Working with Cross-References and Related Links
    ¡¤ Working with Maps and Bookmarks
    ¡¤ Defining Relationships
    ¡¤ Index and Metadata

    I need to understand what does it mean by “defining relationship”. Can anybody tell me?

    Thanks in advance



    Reply to: Defining Relationship

    David's suggestion was that you try posting to a non XMetaL-specific forum, such as the Yahoo DITA users group (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dita-users/).  As David also noted, you will also need to provide more information about these guidelines in order for someone there to be able to help.


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