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    XMetaL 9.0 Essential

    in ver. 8.0 Essential there was a XMetaL 8.tbr file that we could manipulate to get desirable toolbars and reduce the flashing issue.  But, in ver. 9 this file does not exist.  Problem is that I was editing the default.tbr within SoftQuad folder and then deleted the SoftQuad folder to clear out my workspace and start anew –  and now I have lost my menu bar, the .exe is not honoring our customized .mcr in the startup folder, and I tried a repair but didn't help; I tried restoring the default.tbr from the recycle bin that helped somewhat.  any thoughts beside a uninstall/reinstall to fix?



    Reply to: default.tbr

    one trick that worked was to delete the customized .mcr and drop it back into Startup folder.


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