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    [DCL & JustSystems] DITA Today and Tomorrow

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    Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012
    Time: 10:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm EDT

    It’s been over six years since the DITA specification was officially released by OASIS and people could start using the DITA Open Toolkit. A lot has happened since early 2006, as DITA XML has become the fastest growing  information standard for technical writing. Mekon consultant Keith Schengili-Roberts takes a look at where DITA has come from, who is using it, and where he thinks it will be going in the future.  In this far-reaching presentation Keith focuses on that portion of the technical writing community that has embraced DITA XML, explores why it has been so successful, and also looks at some of the issues holding it back from even wider adoption. He will also dare to prognosticate on the directions that DITA is likely to be used in the near future.


    Keith Schengili-Roberts is an independent DITA consultant/trainer, and is “The Guy Who Talks to People” for Running Bond Software. He was formerly the Manager for Documentation and Localization at AMD, where he successfully deployed a DITA-based Content Management System throughout its graphics engineering division. Keith is also an award-winning lecturer on Information Architecture and Information Management at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information Sciences. He has given many talks on DITA production metrics and best practices, was one of the founders of the Semiconductor DITA Implementers Group (SDIG). He also runs a popular industry blog at [url=http://DITAWriter.com]DITAWriter.com[/url], and is the author of four professional technical titles, the most recent being Core CSS, 2nd Edition.

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    Susan Le

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    The webinar recording is now available and can be viewed at: http://justsystems.xmetal.com/webinar/DITA-Today-and-Tomorrow/.

    Best regards,
    Susan Le
    Marketing Specialist
    JustSystems Canada, Inc.


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