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    D.C. – Take 2

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    Since I didn't get any response from my first post, “Dynamic Content – How To…” I'd like to take another stab at it. I have to say I'm a little frustrated with trying to find information on this. Jeff Deskins, from JustSystems, talks about this concept in the webinar, “Dynamic Content: Maximize the Value of Your Information Assets”, which is three years old. Yet, I'm really having a hard time with finding information on the nuts-n-bolts of how this operates.

    Here's a scenario: An auto tech is trying to fix a pesky rattling noise in the passenger side mirror of a 2011 Hooptymobile GT. So, armed only with an iPad, our hero accesses the system and enters the search criteria. The system gathers the appropriate XML documentation and generates a PDF, HTML, or whatever. Ideally, this deliverable is formatted for the iPad, but that's not a “must have”.

    Can we use XMetaL to generate the deliverables? What other ways can XMetaL be leveraged in this effort? Do we have to hire an outside firm to set this up?



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    In the kind of system that would be needed to deliver dynamic content the way you describe, XMetaL's role would be for document creation. I.e. for creating DITA content and tagging various parts of the content using conditional attributes to identify which cases they apply to.

    However, for filtering the content and delivering it to the auto tech's iPad a server would be needed that can retrive the content from a storage repository and build the document that is actually viewed by the auto tech. For setting that up, you would need an outside firm. I believe this type of system is something that SDL (www.sdl.com) has been actively delivering to customers for the last few years so you might try approaching them. Other CMS vendors and system integrators may also be able to provide some advice on the system you are interested in. Have a look at the solution partners and service partners listed on our web site, http://na.justsystems.com/content-partners.



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