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    Customizing Tags On view

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    I'm using XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 Service Pack 1 on Windows 7.

    I want to customize the Tags On view.  It seems like the correct approach might be to edit the ditabase-base.css file.  However, changes to this file do not take effect.  When I restart XMetaL, I get messages telling me that there is a  writable copy of the file on my computer that differs from the one on the server, and asks if I want to replace.  I click No.  Even so, the changes in the file do not take effect.  Does XMetaL use the version on the server regardless?  (I'm not quite sure of the architecture here.  It seems strange to me to have local versions of files if there is a  server version that is always used.)  Or is this not the way to customize?


    Derek Read

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    The “local” copy is always used except in some cases where XMetaL Author Enterprise is integrated with a CMS system that is designed to deliver XMetaL customization files (including CSS) to XMetaL on demand (typically for each XML documente that is checked out). In this case a local copy of the CSS file is still used but it may be delivered to your machine by the CMS integration and will typically be placed in a location nearby or in the same folder as the the checked out file. One CMS integration that does this is the one we maintain for Documentum. In this case you will need to modify the CSS files stored on the server, which may also require you to rebuild your Documentum “docapp”.

    For other CMS systems/integrations please check with the maker of the integration.



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    Thanks!  You're right:  I'm using XMetaL integrated with the Trisoft CMS.  I verified that if I create a topic from XMetaL, it does pick up the CSS changes.  So, I guess I need to contact SDL.


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