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  • lqian

    Customized toolbars losing the position

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    I am working with XMetal Author Essential 5.5, and have some Customized toolbars based on the schema.

    Initailly, only “Standard” built in toolbar and a few customized toolbars have been displayed/loaded in XMetal as setting in ECF file. During processing, user could turn on/off other toolbars or rearrange the position of toolbars in Xmetal.(One customized toolbar position set to “bottom”).

    If I close the Xmetal before I closed the opened document, the toolbars are displayed correctly when I reload the same document back into XMetal.

    If I close the opened document, then close the Xmetal Application. The toolbars' postion is wrong when I open the same document back into XMetal.(eg. the toolbar, which position setting is 'bottom”, is populated at top of XMetal.)

    It seems to me that the work space associated with a recent document causes the problem.  Is it possible to associate the work space with a schema?

    What result I like to get is for example:

    step 1. A document for a particular schema had been loaded in Xmetal, and also user could turn on/off or rearrange the toolbar position by 'drag and drop'.

    step 2. The Xmetal has been closed (either close the opened document or not)

    step 3. If the same document or other documents confirm the same schema loaded back in Xmetal, the toolbar setting and position remain unchanged.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Customized toolbars losing the position

    There is likely nothing that can be done to resolve this because the default application toolbars and the document toolbars (schema-associated) have their settings stored separately (and actually interact with each other when the same toolbar appears in both instances). In addition to this, authors (users) are free to open, close, and move them around so you can never have total control over the toolbar positions as a customizer (as a user you do have control).


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