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    Customized conditional texts not available for build

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    I have modified the default values of the ct_config file, but I have kept the default attributes (i.e. audience, platform and product), I've only changed the values.

    I have then restarted XMetaL and my changes are shown correctly in the “Configure Conditional Text” window.

    However, when I want to build my pdf using conditions, from the “Generate output” window I choose “Show/Hide Conditional Text”, the values are still the default (e.g. “administrator” and “user” for Audience, etc.).

    In my old XMetaL, all I needed to do was to modify ct_config.xml, but it seems XMetaL 12 requires something more, which I have not found from the help.

    Also, the help topic (Show conditional text in previews and output) refers to clicking “Advanced” to specify advanced settings, but I can find “Advanced” neither in the “Generate Output” dialog nor in the “Show/Hide Conditional Text”. I find an “Advanced” tab under “Configure Output”, but nothing there points to settings related to conditional building attributes and values.

    Am I missing something? Any help would be very much appreciated!



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Customized conditional texts not available for build

    In the current release (12) you can modify the ct_config.xml file directly (as you have done) or you can use the new UI for that (Tools > Configure Conditional Text).

    However, you also need to use Tools > Style Conditional Text. I think in previous releases that was not necessary but in version 12 it is. Once you do that (make at least one change) everything should work everywhere.



    Reply to: Customized conditional texts not available for build

    Thank you, Derek.

    It worked like a charm!

    Best regards,


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