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  • ghkrause

    Customer expects some initial response from XMetaL experts at JustSystem

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    Dear XMetaL team at JustSystems!
    Thank you for sponsering this forum service.
    I assume that [u]some of our questions are difficult to answer[/u] and [u]will take some time[/u] to come back. However, you may rate a question as [u]irrelevant[/u] to be answered or [u]miss resources[/u] to do so. [u]Or the tool is not that great[/u] as marketing tells the customers and cannot (yet) do what the customer expects.
    Therefore I would appreciate if you could set up some standard wording whether or not and how fast an answer from JustSystems is to be expected. And then add the appropriate keyword or phrase to the first answer to any question! This would be honoring the customer and at the same time challenge the external experts to be either faster than you or to jump in the gap that you cannot or would not fill.
    I can clearly understand that you cannot answer everything nor follow up to very special details. It all needs to be paid for by the customer via license cost.
    Maybe after some initial discussion we could run a poll in case our opinions rather divert than join.
    Customers: do you agree?
    JustSystem: what is your view and proposal?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Customer expects some initial response from XMetaL experts at JustSystem

    We don't have an official policy for answering postings here. The main thing we hope to accomplish by hosting this forum is to provide a location for users of XMetaL products to discuss issues and share ideas. Many JustSystems employees are members of this forum but I would not want to say they have any official obligations to provide answers here. This  includes members of the XMetaL Support team whose primary focus must be to continue to support clients that submit cases via the normal support channels.

    That having been said, everyone at JustSystems is very interested in seeing the forum succeed and whenever we have good information to share, and time to share it, we will be posting here.

    If you see no responses from employees of JustSystems then you can probably assume nobody has an answer for your problem, or that people have not had time to answer. We encourage all forum members to respond to postings. We think many XMetaL users would like to use the forums as an opportunity to network with each other and to develop a sense of community. There are lots of members on this forum that have many years of experience with the XMetaL product line.

    If you do need an immediate response to a problem please log a case through the JustSystems regular support channels. Keep in mind that XMetaL Support is not mandated to provide scripts, specific solutions, help debug customizations, etc. They try to provide workarounds to bugs in out-of-the-box features and where no workaround is possible they file bug reports with the development team, to be addressed in a future release. They also take feature requests for possible inclusion in future releases, try to answer questions when documentation is ambiguous, and may suggest various ways of accomplishing certain tasks.

    The forum is also a place for the XMetaL Support team to post answers to questions asked through the regular support channels (after first having helped the particular client directly). We expect other JustSystems employees that have useful information to be sharing it as well. For some examples see the XMetaL Tips and Tricks board.

    If you need a specific solution to a problem that requires customization work JustSystems has a professional services team that can be hired on a contractual basis. Your XMetaL sales contact can walk you through that process (contracts, statements of work, price quotes, etc).


    Su-Laine Yeo

    Reply to: Customer expects some initial response from XMetaL experts at JustSystem

    Gunnar, I don't understand what you mean by, “And then add the appropriate keyword or phrase to the first answer to any question.” Can you give an example of this? 



    Reply to: Customer expects some initial response from XMetaL experts at JustSystem

    Su-Laine and Derek,
    I fully understand that this is not the service hotline and shall inspire regular users or implementers of XMetaL products to share problems, tricks and ideas. On the other hand, “JustSystems sponsers the forum” and is currently the main knowledge provider. I have not recognized any certified XMetaL service provider in here, yet. I expect rather untested sample code and statements like “does not work (yet)” … here I list some phrases that you XMetaL folks could add to provide minimum feedback (from negative to positive):
    a) No way to do this in XMetaL
    b) Workaround needed, typically provided by professional services
    c) Can be done, no solution at hand, maybe someone will answer in future
    d) Solution draft or sample code available – will take some days to find and upload
    e) A colleague from XMetaL will follow up soon
    f) Sample code or initial idea attached
    g) Known problem, here is code that really works and closes the gap

    Of course similar answers are possible that rate the complexity, difficulty and availability of the correct answer. Many users do not have an idea whether they ask something simple or difficult. And where the “go and get professional support” starts?

    I hope you like the challenge set by the customer(s ?). Up to now it looks like no other customers expects you to answer every question with a at least a single line as I do after reading “sponsored by …”.



    Reply to: Customer expects some initial response from XMetaL experts at JustSystem

    Gunnar, these are great suggestions.  I think it is a good idea for us to use phrasing like this when we answer questions on the forum.

    But behind your message there is an assumption that I do not believe is realistic:  that someone from JustSystems will be reading/replying (quickly or otherwise) to every single question that is posted to the forum by every single user.  I'm sure it would be wonderful if we could, but we are not committing to that at this time.  As Derek mentioned below, we do not have any official policy about employee participation in the forums.  In reality we will participate as much as we can, but at this time we are not guaranteeing anything.  We are merely providing these forums as a meeting place in which anyone can contribute (and to which, hopefully, many people will).


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