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    custom arrow in xmetal

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    hi all,

    I am creating arrows with the help of css (windows custom shape) When i tied to add in css


    when i render it in Xmetal the side arrow is not coming can anyone help me




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    First be sure this is not a font issue — the font you are using to display this element must include a glyph for the Unicode character #9658.

    Then, CSS uses different escaping for Unicode characters than XML does. You need the hexadecimal value, and it looks like this:

    [code]content: “25ba”;  /* Unicode char ► == ► */[/code]

    Note that the CSS spec says that you need a six-digit hexadecimal number, but in my testing with XMetaL 7 just now, it works with a 4-hex-digit number as shown above.

    Finally, the “content” property in CSS is meant to be used with “:before” selectors. I think the code you are looking for is probably more like this:

    .arrow :before
    content: “25ba”;  /* Unicode char ► */



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