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    Creating event aware objects

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    I'm using XMetal 11 Author Enterprise version

    Is it possible to use WScript.CreateObject in a macro to enable event handling from .NET objects?  When I try to use the following jscript in a macro, the code fails to create the object.

    var objTest = null;
    objTest = WScript.CreateObject(“testEvents.testEvent”,”objTest”);

    As I understand it, creating objects using new ActiveXObject or CreateObject generically does not allow the script to consume events raised from an object.  Any help with processing events raised from .NET objects would be appreciated.



    Reply to: Creating event aware objects

    There is no support for automatic event sink binding via the script engines within XMetaL.  You have to setup things manually and program APIs to receive XMetaL script engine objects. 

    Fwiw, we have an old .NET 1.1 sample that demonstrates calling from XMetaL to a .NET control and vica versa….NET calling a Jscript object in XMetaL's script engine.



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