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    Creating AxInterop.XMetaLControlLib

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    Hi Derek,

    I'm new to the XMAX development and try to update our existing application from “XMAX 10” to “XMAX 12”.

    We have a C# client application where the XMAX control is used inside.

    In VisualStudio we have currently the following two references:
    * Interop.XMetaLControlLib
    * AxInterop.XMetaLControlLib

    I can renew the first reference by making an reference to the “XMetaL XMAX 12.0 Type Library” in the “COM”-category,
    but I do not know who to update the second one.

    Could you give me a hint who to renew this?

    Best regards,



    Reply to: Creating AxInterop.XMetaLControlLib

    Hi Michael,

    When you add a project reference to the XMAX dll, Visual Studio should auto-generate these two dlls.  You can search the project directory to see if the Ax…dll is there.  If the Ax….dll is not generated, you can use aximp.exe to generate it.  Generally, it is recommended to delete these two project references prior to reimporting the reference to a newer version of the XMAX dll (or any other COM dll).

    Beyond the information provided above, we recommend searching Visual Studio forums for more help.  Here are few links I found while researching your question:




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