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    creating and using conrefs

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    I am authoring in XMetal Author Enterprise 12.0
    Installer#: 12.0.0183
    my conref files are in a sub folder called “shared paragraphs” under the .common content folder.

    I've created a conref that contains 2 paragraphs and an unordered list. I can insert the list into a reference topic without problems but the paragraphs are not available.

    I recreated the conref with only 1 paragraph and still wasn't available to insert into a reference topic.

    I copied a paragraph from an older conref into the new one, and then edited the text. This one, I could insert into the topic without problems. I was able to copy that working paragraph into the conref with the list. That worked too.

    Has anyone else seen this? 



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    Update. Entering a custom attribute id for the

    elements makes them available for insertion into a topic.



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    Hey again.

    I remember there was script called Shipmaker by Norex. Anyone have this one?

    Please give me a link. I was looking for it at google but nothing found



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