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  • paorear

    Create a combobox toolbar item

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    Hello – I'm trying to find an example of how to use the swcbcTypeDropDown or the swcbcComboBox control types as options for items on a custom toolbar. For example, populating the combobox, or dropdown items. Also of interest would be working with submenus on a main menu.

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    Derek Read

    Reply to: Create a combobox toolbar item

    These constants will show up in a COM object browsing tool as a result of some built-in items that appear in the default UI, but they have not been fully implemented and cannot be used to customize toolbars.

    To implement similar functionality I would recommend extending the menus by adding to the “Menu bar”, assuming the list of choices is fixed (as deleting items repeatedly to replace them with others will cause problems).

    If the list of choices needs to change (for example: when the user's selection in the document moves or for some other type of variable situation) then you may wish to extend the right click context menu instead, or perhaps allow the user to select options from a form. The context menu can be extended using the event On_Context_Menu or On_Application_Document_Context_Menu with the AppendMacro() method.


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