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    CPU utilization

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    I'm using XmetaL 5.5 on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine with 4G of RAM. About every 2-5 minutes, XMetaL locks up the CPU, taking about 60% of the RAM resources. This lasts for about 1-2 minutes, during which time Windows reports that the application is “not responding” and the screen is completely inactive, sometimes fading to white (the standard Windows 7 response). This seems to occur at random, when I press keys, scroll, select text or click with the mouse. It happens in the main screen and also in dialog boxes. This is the second machine I have had this problem on – we changed machines and did a fresh reinstall to try to solve the problem, with no change in behavior. Just now, there's a new problem: the application rejects all clicks and I can't even exit. I may have to reboot again.

    We have ordered a new 8GB machine because that seemed to fix the problem for another user, but I have my doubts.

    What exactly can I do to get back to work?


    Derek Read

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    Is it possible to reproduce your issue on a 32-bit Windows 7 machine? If so you could submit a case to XMetaL Support and they could try to reproduce the problem and help out (more information would be required, such as whether you have a CMS integration installed, perhaps the documents you are working on and the exact steps prior to the issue occuring).

    However, since you are running the 5.5 release perhaps the issue is this:,1287.msg4133.html#msg4133
    see: “hang after select text without mouse up for approx 5 seconds”



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    Yes, this problem occurred with a 32-bit Windows 7 installation on a 64-bit machine – we switched to 64-bit Windows with more RAM to try to fix the problem, but it didn't work.

    Yes, we do have a CMS integration installed – SDL Trisoft Authoring Bridge 2009 (version 3.3.7), SDL Trisoft Publication Manager 2009 (version 3.3.7), and SDL Trisoft Condition Manager 2009 (version 3.3.7). Come to think of it, these problems first arose after we installed 3.3.7, but not right away, and none of the other 30 users has reported this problem.

    The problem is definitely not related to any particular action, like selecting text with or without mouse. It is completely random and often happens even if I don't do anything (the application does not respond at all when I first click anywhere in the open window, even the title bar or close button). It is more noticeable when I'm typing and the letters stop appearing on the screen, or scrolling or dragging, etc.

    There is no connection to the documents I am working on – it happens with ALL of them regardless of size or type.

    It is quite possible the problem comes from the Trisoft add-ins – the same type of freeze occurs when I use the Trisoft Publication Manager UI.

    How do I submit a case to XMetal Support? Or better yet, Trisoft?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: CPU utilization

    It would be best to ask SDL about this to see if they can reproduce the issue. We do not test their integration so the best we could do would be to show that it doesn't occur when Trisoft is not installed.

    SDL has a support page here:

    XMetaL Support is here:


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