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    [Cortona3D] Sept 9/10 Webinar: Rapid Tools Version 5.1

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    Topic: Rapid Tools Version 5.1 – New Features and Improvements Include Integrated JustSystems XML Authoring Capabilities

    Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010
    Time: 8:30 am PT | 11:30 am ET | 4:30 pm UK

    Connell Gallagher, President, Cortona3D
    Pen Clark, Senior Director, Marketing, JustSystems

    The continued expansion and improvement of the Cortona3D Rapid Tools continues with the launch of version 5.1 in September 2010. As the leading provider of 3D technical publications tools, Cortona3D continually strives to improve and extend their products.

    The latest additional feature in version 5.1 is a full XML authoring capability. By integrating JustSystems’ XMAX lightweight, easy-to-use XML editor into the Rapid Tools, subject matter experts are now able to work in a familiar word-processing interface, while hiding the complexity of the underlying XML to produce interactive 3D Technical Documentations.

    This joint Cortona3D and JustSystems webinar will provide you with an overview of the XMAX capabilities, the benefits of the integration in the Cortona3D Rapid Tools, as well as an overview of other features and improvements in the tools.

    The 3 key areas that will be demonstrated in a single user interface are:

    • Rapid creation of 3D animations using existing CAD data
    • Integrated editing of structured XML documentation using the built-in XMAX XML editor
    • Synchronizing 3D animations with structured XML text segments

    These and additional features offer a range of enhancements aimed at streamlining the authoring and workflow process, and improving 2D/3D illustration generation capabilities.

    Additional features covered will include:

    • Improved data import – single Rapid Data Conversion module
    • Expanding standards support
    • Improved support for 2D/3D images
    • Authoring process improvements
    • Improvements in published output

    Join us to see how you can speed up the development of higher quality user documentation for your products.

    Register now at https://corton3d-events.webex.com/corton3d-events/onstage/g.php?d=701445834&t=a&EA=cschnell%40cortona3d.com&ET=7b2e54409a80e6b5a9e307488de78751&ETR=f422b7ac85542d1d013151708b5aaea5&RT=MiMyMQ==&p


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