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  • dblisset

    Converting 3.1 dct file contents to 5.5 uwl

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    Is there a conversion tool or method for converting the .dct dictionary files to .uwl files?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Converting 3.1 dct file contents to 5.5 uwl

    There is no upgrade tool for converting between these formats. The spell checker for 3.x and previous releases was provided to us by a 3rd party that did not provide a means for us to decode the binary encoded data in the *.dct file format.

    The current spell checker is based on the Corel “Writing Tools” technology included with most Corel products (we implemented this while we were owned by Corel a few years ago). We have tools that will allow us to create files compatible with the current format if you are able to provide us with a plain text file containing a list of words. This is not something we currently let clients do themselves (we do not provide the tools for your own use), but the Professional Services team could be contracted to create compatible files.


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