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    content reuse in topic titles not showing in Resource Mgr, and Runtime error…

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    I just installed xmetal 11 and have encountered 2 problems:
    1) when I open a map that contains topics with reuse components in their titles, the reuse text does not display. For example, if I have a reuse component , and the title is “Installing “, the Resource Mgr shows “Installing”. In troubleshooting this problem, I figured out that the refresh map references operation causes the text to disappear. When I disabled the dita option “refresh references when opening a map” or canceled theĀ  auto-refresh dialog, the content reuse text displays.
    2) As another test, I tried to use Nav titles to see if that made the problem go away, which indeed worked. However, after adding the NavTitle and clicking “OK” in the Element Properties dialog box, I get the following error (which doesn't seem to affect anything – nav titles persist):
    Run-Time Error
    Line 1, Column 7
    Description: 'Application' is undefined.

    Any ideas or common experiences?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: content reuse in topic titles not showing in Resource Mgr, and Runtime error…

    For #1)
    There is no code in the map editor at the moment that does what you are expecting it to do. The map editor will extract text from within child elements of a title element of a topic but it doesn't follow content references to try to extract target content to insert into the @navtitle. At the moment it will extract local content for an element with a conref (I suspect you are not inserting any local content, most people don't). If there is no local content then nothing will be displayed in the map editor (via setting the @navtitle value). You can test this with your installation by right clicking on the element that contains the @conref inside your title element (possibly a but might be something else) and selecting “Show Local Content” then typing something in for it. Then save the file and refresh references in the map and that text will show up in the map (after populating the @navtitle).

    I guess it would be nice for navigation if the map editor would try to display conreffed content from titles. Maybe that should be the default behaviour (I'll discuss this with the development team) but there may be concerns about optimization (reading files to extract this content can be slow, and there is also the case where files are stored in a CMS which is even slower). Note that the only real reason the @navtitle is set by the map editor is to aid with navigation in the map. It allows the map editor to show you something that helps you understand which topic is being referenced without it having to be open and read referenced topics each time a map is opened.

    Note that the presence or absence of this text in a @navtitle shouldn't affect output (in case that is your concern) unless you have @locktitle set to “yes”. In that case it is generally expected that you would have manually typed in the @navtitle value yourself, to something specifically different from the text in the referenced topic's title element. In that case what appears in output (for any processor following the DITA spec, including the DITA OT) should be what you have entered for the @navtitle value.

    For #2)
    I'm not sure what you are describing with #2. It sounds like you are trying to work around your issue with #1 above? I can't seem to trigger any errors when making attribute changes in the map editor.


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