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    conrefed images

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    I am not sure if this just related to Xmetal 6.0 but I’m having a few display issues with conrefed images.
    • First issue is that when you switch from plain text view to tag view you have to press F11 for the conrefed image to show up.
    • The other issue is that I want the conrefed images to be inline, I can go change the default from what XMetaL puts in but in tag view the image is no longer grey indicating its conrefed. I looked at the ditabase-base.css and can’t seem to get it to show the inline conrefed tag with gray background.
    • Also if you right click a Conrefed image and go to “open Referenced File” it tries to open the dita-use-conref-target href tag and not the conref.
    I am hoping these issues are just with conrefed images and not other tags. I’m not sure if theses issues are bugs or just the way Xmetal works.  Any help would be appreciated.


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