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    Conref path names truncating to ..conref~2

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    We recently began implementing conrefs and our first large project is going to ship soon using them.  Our localization company informed us that the conref links are broken.  Research showed that they were pointing to …Conref~1  or  …Conref~2, and so on. 

    Here's the twist:  Output generates fine locally without errors.

    More research found that the path change occurred only after pressing the “update all references” button. 
    Has anyone seen this before?  How do we resolve?

    Main problem is that localization company will not be able to generate content due to hundreds of inoperative conrefs.

    Using WinXP with XMetal 5.01.

    Thank you!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Conref path names truncating to ..conref~2

    Our internal bug tracker shows that this issue was addressed in Dec. 2007.

    The issue was that we were calling a Windows API to retrieve filepaths and it was returning them in the old 8.3 format. So, provided you always work with your files on Windows this would not affect you, which is obviously not the case for everyone.

    I have tested with our current releases to confirm that the issue no longer occurs and it does not happen in 5.5 nor 6.0.


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