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    Configuring what DTD XMetaL uses with SharePoint topics

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    I am using XMetaL Author Enterprise version 6.0.1 with version 2.0.0 of the SharePoint Connector.

    I am able to point XMetaL to the SharePoint repository for topics. I can open the topic from the repository, but I always need to manually select the DTD (which is often a guess since I don't always know what kind of topic I am opening).

    I would like to point XMetaL to a SharePoint list that contains the DTDs, and have it automatically grab the right one based on the topic being opened. Is this possible?

    I also have a separate question about maps that I will post as another topic.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Configuring what DTD XMetaL uses with SharePoint topics

    Some of our CMS integrations do support this (in the case where the CMS has specific support for it — Documentum's “DocApp” feature for example) but not our integration with SharePoint.

    For SharePoint you need to make your DTD (and customization files) available to the local XMetaL installation, which usually means storing them on the local machine, though other methods are supported. This is discussed here in detail if you are not familiar with it: http://www.slideshare.net/XMetaL/deploying-schemas-and-xmetal-customization-files
    The XMetaL Developer Customization Guide also discusses this, but that slide show sums up all the info in a short detailed document.

    You mention “topic”, which is often used when discussing DITA. If you are authoring DITA documents keep in mind that no additional configuration is necessary as XMetaL will locate the DTDs (that we ship) as well as the customization (which in this case is very extensive). If you are working with DITA documents and XMetaL is not locating the DTDs then something is wrong. In that case it would be best to submit a support case with a sample file and perhaps describe the issue in more detail.


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