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    Configure output to use standard DITA OT Fo instead of XM-FO

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    For my company I have created customizations to the standard DITA OT xsl:fo. I now want to use the customizations while generating DITAmaps from XMetaL as well. I have noticed, however, that the PDF publishing options in the DITA OT use the XMetaL specialized xm:fo stylesheets. Is it possible to override these stylesheets or somehow use the standard DITA OT xsl:fo stylesheets, without having the change all my customizations?

    Thank you for your help!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Configure output to use standard DITA OT Fo instead of XM-FO

    You need the one of the “deliverables” that XMetaL Author Enterprise calls “Book via RenderX” or “PDF via FO with default processing”.

    “Book via RenderX” = “PDF2” in copies of the DITA OT up to 1.5, then it was renamed “PDF”
    “PDF via FO with default processing” = “PDF” in copies of the DITA OT before 1.5, then it was renamed legacyPDF (and deprecated I think)

    These are both disabled by default in XMetaL Author Enterprise up to and including version 7.0. To enable one or both do the following:
    1. Select Tools > Configure Output…
    2. Check the box labelled “Show disabled deliverable types”.
    3. In the list, select the deliverable you want to enable: “Book via RenderX” or “PDF via FO with default processing”.
    4. Click the Edit button.
    5. On the Advanced tab uncheck the box labelled “Disable use of this deliverable type”.

    Now when you generate output you can select either of these deliverables from the list.



    Reply to: Configure output to use standard DITA OT Fo instead of XM-FO

    Thank you very much! This helps me a lot. I now get pdf's made with the original stylesheets. But, of course, in the past we have made customizations for our stylesheets.

    When I put these files in C:Usersi.weyersAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OTdemofoCustomization (including the catalog), I do not get the same output as when for instance I use the DITA OT 1.5.4. in Oxygen. XMetaL 7 also uses DITA OT 1.5.4 So I find this very strange… Is there something I am overlooking? Could this have something to do with the different FO processors?

    I also have another question/issue:
    We have different stylesheets for different customers. Before, we used a special parameter to direct to the customization files (for instance in Oxygen we used customization.dir = ${frameworksDir}/dita/DITA-OT/demo/fo/Customization_TDS) and created multiple transformations , each with a parameter directing to the specific customizations.
    I tried adding a similar parameter in the output type, using the direct path: customization.dir = C:Usersi.weyersAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OTdemofoCustomization_TDS, but in this case the customization directory is not used. and the standard DITA OT stylesheets are used. Do you know how to achieve this system in XMetaL?

    Once more thank you for your help,


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