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  • james_uc

    conditional attributes in map not always filtered

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    I'm having an issue where we apply conditional filtering to a data-about item at the top of the map, rather than within a topic. We have a set of 10 maps which all filter this as expected, except for one, where this is being ignored. We then get 2 sets of metadata items coming through, and this makes a mess of the output file.

    The odd thing is that if I rename the map by adding a 2 to the end – faculty_creative_arts_regs.ditamap becoming faculty_creative_arts_regs2.ditamap – then it fixes the problem. This isn't very satisfactory as I've no idea what the problem is or if it might recur without any warning.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Is filtering of elements directly within a map done differently? Is there any way of getting additional diagnostic information about how it is doing the filtering?  The conditional attribute in question is a custom property, but it works as expected everywhere else (as far as I can see, anyway).

    I'm using XMetaL 6.0.


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