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    Completely basic question: How to use a schema in XMetaL?

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    I downloaded the various .xsds that make up DocBook 4.5 from, but I can't seem to use them. I'm sure I'm missing something very, very basic. I choose 'Blank XML Document,' XMetaL prompts me to pick a schema, I navigate to where docbook.xsd (and the other *.xsds as well) reside, and get this error:

    The XML Schema “$PATH_TO_MY_XSD/docbook.xsd” could not be loaded. Importation of a schema with no target namespace is not supported.

    What am I missing? Do I need to edit the xsds to include something, perhaps this 'namespace' it seems to be asking for?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Completely basic question: How to use a schema in XMetaL?

    In the W3C XML Schema Part 1: Structures Second Edition, under “[url=]4.2.1 Assembling a schema for a single target namespace from multiple schema definition documents[/url]”, it says:

    Such included schema documents must either (a) have the same targetNamespace as the ing schema document, or (b) no targetNamespace at all, in which case the d schema document is converted to the ing schema document's targetNamespace.

    Support for case (b) is not implemented yet. The current workaround for this with current versions of XMetaL Author or XMAX up to 5.5 is to modify the Schema files so the targetNamespace inside any matches the file it is referencing (or so that the referenced file has the same targetNamespace as the ). Given the assumption that is supposed to be made by the parser, in this case XMetaL, this does not actually change the Schema (except to hard code the assumption of the targetNamespaces matching).

    Improving W3C Schema support to fill in some of the gaps is one area we are working on at the moment, and Docbook (among several others) is of particular interest to many clients.

    If you do not wish to, or cannot, or are unable to, make this change to a Schema and a DTD is available you may try that instead. Note that all versions of Docbook currently include a DTD version of the schema.


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