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    Code sample: XMAX customization files and sample document

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    Purpose: This code sample is intended to help developers build custom XMAX applications. XMetaL® XMAX is an embeddable ActiveX component designed for developers to integrate into custom environments: http://na.justsystems.com/content-xmetal-xmax.

    XMAX application development typically requires two parts.  (In a full-scale application, the parts can become interrelated — notably when it comes to macros or scripts — but at the basic functional level the two parts can be initiated independently):

    1) A container application, also known as a “host application.”  This is what the end-user will consider to be their XML editor or web portal or whatever your application may be. This application will use the XMAX control as one component of the user interface.

    2) An XMetaL “customization” for your document type.  An XMetaL customization specifies the document styling, menus, toolbars, and other parts of the user experience when the user is working with a particular document type. Customization files are required for XMAX to be able to open a document.

    The purpose of this sample is to provide a simple but complete set of customization files so that an application developer can focus on the development of a container application. It is very unlikely that the sample customization files will meet the needs of your organization, so after you have gotten your container application working, you should use the XMetaL Developer application (http://na.justsystems.com/content-xmetal-developer) to create a new set of customization files for your own DTD or schema.

    The sample also provides an extremely simple container application, which will run XMAX within Internet Explorer.

    Before you can use this sample, you must have XMAX and Internet Explorer installed on your system. To request a free trial of XMAX, please [url=http://na.justsystems.com/content-about-contact-us]contact JustSystems[/url].

    Installation and Usage
    Please see the enclosed README file for details.



    Reply to: Code sample: XMAX customization files and sample document

    I noticed a small but important typo in the README file in this sample archive:  It mentioned an API called “LoadFromString” where it should have said “LoadFromFile”. 

    I have corrected the README in the ZIP attachment in the original message.  In addition to the above change, I made some minor updates to the comments in the jtest.html file.


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