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    CMS adapters / Documentum with XMetaL

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    Is XMetaL for Documentum Webtop simply XMetaL Author Enterprise with the XMetaL Webtop included?  Are there any other differences in this version?  Could one simply add in the adapter (and if so is it available separately) to Author and get the same result?  We have a Documentum instance and Webtop available and are evaluating XMetaL Author via the the trial download.  Is there a way we can add the adapter to our trial version such that we can experiment with interacting with our Documentum instance?  Also, can anyone tell me what other adapters are available, IE which CMS companies are currently providing adapters for XMetaL integration?  Thank you!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: CMS adapters / Documentum with XMetaL

    Your assumption is basically correct. “XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop” is basically “XMetaL Author Enterprise” + “adapter” (extra code to connect to a particular CMS). However, we do not offer the adapter for Documentum as a separate product any longer, you need to install the whole package all at once.

    I think it would be best to contact our sales team directly for specific answers along this line ( They might be able to provide you with a licensed copy of XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop for testing, or a demo might be arranged. They can also answer questions about other CMS systems we integrate with / CMS systems that integrate with us, as well as partners we have that can help with these things (including CMS vendors themselves in some cases).


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