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    Chapters not printing to pdf

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    Just made a Dita Book, all my properties for each part of my book have a “yes” to print.  But my .ditamap i inserted under a chapter as a map get ignored.  I have set all properties in everything to say “yes” fir print, but still nada!  help

    Rock Z. Nelson


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Chapters not printing to pdf

    • Which version of XMetaL Author Enterprise are you running?
    • Is it integrated with a CMS system?
    • If a CMS is being used what is it and which version?
    • If a CMS is being used are all files checked out from the CMS and present on your local machine?
    • When you “print” are you generating output using the DITA Open Toolkit from within XMetaL using the “Generate Output for DITA Map” dialog?
    • Which “deliverable” in that dialog are you using to generate the “print”?
    • Has the DITA Open Toolkit been modified?
    • Have you previously generated output successfully with this same type of setup (everything above) and similar DITA files?


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