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    Changing footer in Eclipse Topics

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    I want to change the footer in our Eclipse output. I tried passing this param to the toolkit from the Eclipse Configure Output Advanced dialog, but it doesn't seem to work:

    ANT_PARAM_args.ftr  =  c:program filescommon filesxmetal shareddita_otresourcecustom-eclipse-ftr.html

    Doesn't Eclipse use the dita2htmlImpl.xsl file to create its HTML?  Or am I phrasing the argument wrong?



    Reply to: Changing footer in Eclipse Topics

    Hi Bzebian,

    I don't know which version of XMetaL / DITA OT you're using, but try this format for ANT params passed via the XMetaL Configure Output dialog:

    DSDK_PARAM_ftr =  c:program filescommon filesxmetal shareddita_otresourcecustom-eclipse-ftr.html

    As long as the footer file is well-formed XML, you should be ok.




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