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    can’t insert specialized topics into a map – resolved

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    Hi All

    How does XMetaL recognise a specialized topic? I've made a specialized topic type (called profile, which is a specialization of topic) and created a topic of this type. When I try and insert it into a map using XMetaL via Insert, Topic Reference, I get the message “Please select or create a DITA topic file”.

    I used Tools/ Select Specialized DTD to configure XMetaL to recognise the new topic type, and I can create and edit topics of the new type with no problem, but not insert into a map. I tried setting up the faq topic in the same way and I get the same message with that.

    What do I need to do (or fix) to get XMetaL to insert specialised topics into a map?

    I'm using XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise Edition 5.1.1

    UPDATE – resolved this issue after a bit of head scratching. Problem was public names for DTD wasn't consistent between topic and DTD file – “-//UC//ELEMENTS DITA profile//EN” and “-//UC//ELEMENTS DITA Profile//EN”.



    Reply to: can’t insert specialized topics into a map – resolved

    I had the same problem with MathML specialization.
    And tracked the cause to be in file
      C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACsdita_xac_catalog_specialized.xml

    A value entered in dialog Tools.Select_DITA specialization is appended to this file as a new element.
    Strangely, there were literal “nt” strings embedded (Viewed with Notepad++).
    This is what i found:

    nt-//DESSCI//DTD DITA with MathML Composite//ENntdita_mathmlntDitaDocHandlerntditabasenn

    I removed all “nt” , et voila, adding the specialized topic to the ditamap was now enabled!

    I recently upgraded to Xmetal which does not not seem to accept these spurious strings. Although it should neatly handle only the xml elements.


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