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  • smarris

    Cannot add map references to a map

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    We cannot add map references to a map using the Resource Manager: Insert > Map Reference option.

    XMetaL Author Enterprise
    Webtop Connector to Webtop 6.7 (this problem also happened when we were at 6.5)

    1. From Documentum Webtop, we right-click and select Edit on the map. It opens in XMetaL.
    2. In the Resource Manager, we select Insert > Map Reference.
    3. Nothing happens.

    Note that we can add topic references without any trouble.

    We are working around it by editing the map in XML Spy or Notepad++, copying an existing map reference from an existing map that has a map reference, pasting it into our map, changing the ID, saving the map, opening the map in XMetaL, editing the element properties so we can browse to the map we actually want to reference.

    Is this a bug?
    Or, is there another way to do this without such a lengthy workaround?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Cannot add map references to a map

    What you are describing should not be an issue, unless I misunderstand the problem.

    Are you able to insert references if you open the map in “XML View of Map”? (essentially Tags On view)
    From inside the Map Editor (in Resource Manager) select File > Switch to XML View of Map.



    Reply to: Cannot add map references to a map

    Thanks for the quick response.

    We cannot insert map references from either the Map Editor view or the XML map view. (The team prefers the Map Editor view.)
    I attached a screen of where we should be able to add the map reference.
    This method worked fine when we had XMetaL 6.

    Any ideas?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Cannot add map references to a map

    So, when you click Insert > Map Reference nothing happens? Or the dialog (title Insert Map Reference) appears but after filling in its fields and click OK the reference isn't created?

    I am unable to reproduce this. I'll ask around to see if anyone else in our dev or QA teams has seen a similar issue.



    Reply to: Cannot add map references to a map

    We are experience similar issue. Was it resolved, what was the resolution?



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