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    Can XMetal be used to create HTML/Webhelp

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    My firm currently uses RoboHelp 9 to create online, HTML webhelp.  We are open to moving to a new product, such as MadCap Flare or XMetal, and are currently in the research stage. Can anyone answer the following questions for me:

    1.  Do you use XMetal to create online help, and if so, what does it look like graphically? Do you have many options?  (very plain/functional versus numerous design features/graphics, etc.)

    2. How is XMetal for creating context-sensitive help? Does it provide that functionality, and if it does, how well does it work? Any details would be appreciated.

    3. What are the downsides you have found, if any, for using XMetal to create online webhelp?  What are the upsides?

    Thanks for reading this!


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Can XMetal be used to create HTML/Webhelp

    It sounds like you are probably looking for real world / client answers (can't give you that myself). However, the quick answer is yes, you can produce webhelp out of the box provided your source files are DITA and you choose to run XMetaL Author Enterprise (which includes DITA authoring and output capabilities).

    One example of the webhelp output (unmodified) produced from DITA source files is here:


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