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  • SAhmed

    Calling Webtop Connector’s View/Edit API in XMetal

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    Our XML documents contain links to other Documents stored in Documentum repository. We would like to be able to have the ability to double click on links and open up the linked document in XMetal for viewing purposes.

    I was able to locate some JScript functions in the CRCL/adapter/Documentum layer that would help us open documents in the manner described above.

    doView function seemed promising but it didn't work.

    Another function, doOpenDocFromRepository(…) fails with the following error message:

    Error Message body in text format

    Error Code: 4000 [Unknown Adapter]
    Origin: Core
    Core Error: prepareToOpenResource failed.
    Adapter Error: N/A

    I am wondering if there is any high level API that we can call from our custom scripts to open up documents from the CMS?

    We are using:
    XMetal Author Enterprise version (Service Pack 1)
    XMetal Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop version
    XMetal Develop 7

    Thank you,
    S Ahmed


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Calling Webtop Connector’s View/Edit API in XMetal

    Presumably this means you are building your own authoring (document-level) customization for a specific document type.

    There isn't a public & supported way to code something like this (our DITA authoring solution does something like this, assuming I understand what you are asking for, but it is not exposed for public use).

    XMetaL Author has some API helpers if you are using XInclude (see the DocBook sample for that case). It also has some CTM settings like configuration mechanisms to get the element-type's href-like attribute displaying the […] button in Attribute Inspector panel. Clicking that button will launch the appropriate show-chooser UI (i.e. CMS-specific dialog or local file system-specific browse for file dialog). What XMetaL Author is missing is some sort of CTM option(s) that tell it to add right-click menu items for “open-for-view” or “open-for-edit” kinds of behavior that are CMS-savvy.

    If this is what you are looking for please let us know. We could consider it for a future release. Please submit feature requests via XMetaL Support and not on the forum so that we can track the request with a specific company.



    Reply to: Calling Webtop Connector’s View/Edit API in XMetal

    I am trying to open a document from the CMS (Documentum) without requiring the user to navigate and manually locate the content using the Webtop Connector's Navigation Tree on the left.

    And for that we will need access to the APIs that Webtop Connector uses to open up Documents from the CMS.

    In short, I am looking for CMS specific behavior such as “open-for-view” or “open-for-edit” that we can call from our custom code/jscripts.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Calling Webtop Connector’s View/Edit API in XMetal

    It might be possible to do what you are asking but would very likely require making changes to “XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop” (the CMS connector we provide that integrates XMetaL Author Enterprise with Documentum Webtop). Those changes would not be supported as that product is not meant to be extended or customized (so this would really be a hack).

    If you have access to the XMetaL Connector SDK that might help. The XMetaL Connector SDK is generally only provided to partners that are building their own CMS integration (usually a CMS vendor). I cannot guess if you are a partner or which company you work for based on your gmail email address, so please contact XMetaL Support, of if you are a partner please use the partner support email.

    XMetaL Support is unable to support such changes, so if you run into an issue with XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop after making them they would only be able to attempt to reproduce your issue with an unmodified version. If you plan to make these changes for another organization (other than your own) please make sure they also understand this limitation.


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