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  • mmoulder

    Bad characters in Japanese PDF output

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    I am usingĀ to build Japanese PDFs. It was working fine on June 27, but since 7/24/15 if I build Japanese I am getting just boxes instead of the characters. I saw this in the past where you had to imbed the ArialUnicodeMS font, which we did. I can see the font on my system and I can see the code still to embed the font. We haven't changed a thing in both the renderx directory and the DITO_OT directory since the last successful build. The only thing I can think of is if a Windows Update broke something. I have several since then that happened between those dates.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Bad characters in Japanese PDF output

    If the font is successfully being embedded in the PDF then right clicking on the PDF after opening with Adobe Reader will allow you to look at the “properties” and see if the font is listed as one of the embedded fonts.



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    I fixed it the language wasn't set correctly in the map file, should have looked there first.


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