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    Automation Server error message

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    We've all been using a macro that calls to create an ActiveX Object:

    var Dlg = new ActiveXObject(“SQExtras.FileDlg”);

    One of our workers, for some reason, is now getting the “Automation Server can't create object error”

    I checked to see that she has the SQExtras dll file. She does. I understand there might be a COM error. How can i check and maybe fix this for her.

    We are running Xmetal Author 5.0.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!




    Derek Read

    Reply to: Automation Server error message

    If the file is there it may not be registered with Windows. This is done during installation, however, it is possible that is has been unregistered.

    The tool regsvr32.exe is what you need to run to register a COM object in DLL or OCX form. This tool usually lives in C:WindowsSystem32 That folder is typically part of the standard command paths that Windows knows about, so you can usually run this tool from anywhere.

    1. Go to a command prompt.
    2. Use the CD command to move to the location of sqextras.dll (it should be in the XMetaL Author installation path's root folder)
    3. Run the following command:
    regsvr32 sqextras.dll

    If it registers successfully then you will be told so. If it fails you will also be given an error (in which case you may need to check with your IT people about security, or whatever else the error suggests and you may wish to read the following Microsoft KnowledgeBase article



    Reply to: Automation Server error message

    Thanks Derek, we will give this a try. (The user wanted to wait until she has a down time, for fear of screwing up her existing Xmetal install.)




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