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  • sapraaman

    Attribute inspector as modal dialog

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    Is there a way to show “Attribute Inspector” as a modal dialog? The rest of the behavior should remain the same. We need to show the modal dialog as a part of macro script, and the macro can be completed only when the attributes have been filled (or dialog has been canceled)?

    We are using XMetal 5.5 (and service pack)



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Attribute inspector as modal dialog

    In order for you to provide your users with a truly modal dialog you would need to implement a solution as an XFT form I think. It sounds like you want something to pop up and then force the user to fill in certain values before continuing. This is a very perfect use case for XFT.

    It is possible to float the Attribute Inspector and then have it appear and hide itself by pressing Shift+F6, but this is not modal as the Attribute Inspector itself is not a true dialog nor is it modal (I guess you can call it a docking window in that sense).



    Reply to: Attribute inspector as modal dialog

    Thanks Derek for the reply.


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