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    Articles and webinars on overcoming barriers to XML adoption

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    This is a reading list to accompany the presentation, “Getting to Yes: Overcoming Barriers to XML Adoption in the Enterprise”: http://www.slideshare.net/XMetaL/x-meta-l37minepisode8getting-to-yes

    The presentation builds on knowledge from a variety of experts who have coached many teams through XML implementation projects. Here are a few of the many excellent readings and webinar recordings on the topic.

    • Hamer, Emma: [url=http://www.x-pubs.com/site/news]Embracing the Straightjacket: Learning to Love Structured Authoring[/url] (webinar recording)
    • The Rockley Group: [url=http://www.rockley.com/TheRockleyReport/V1I4/] The Rockley Report issue on education and training[/url]
    • Hackos, JoAnn: [url=http://www.infomanagementcenter.com/enewsletter/2009/200902/feature.htm]Structure is Not the Antithesis of Creativity[/url]
    • Scriptorium Publishing: [url=http://www.scriptorium.com/whitepapers/structure/structure8.html] Implementing a structured workflow[/url]
    • Cross, Amanda: [url=http://www.slideshare.net/abelsp/strategies-for-communicating-the-value-of-structured-xml-authoring-to-authors]Strategies For Communicating The Value of Structured XML Authoring To Authors[/url]
    • Manning, Steve, and Yeo, Su-Laine: [url=http://www.rockley.com/articles/WhitePaper_DITA_Success_Dec05.pdf]Planning for DITA Success: How to Set Up
      the Right Team and the Right Strategy[/url]
    • Data Conversion Laboratory: [url=http://www.dclab.com/7.5secrets.asp] XML Migration: 7.5 Secrets[/url]


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