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    App crashes caused by xmax

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    We use xMax in a java-swt application and get reproduceable crashes caused by xmcontrol.dll. We recognized, that the app do not crash, if we remove Elements from customization file (schemaname.ctm).
    To cause the crash we did following steps:
    – Open an editor (tab) with xMax and load an xml document with an element, that has specific TagColor set in customization file
    – Open a second editor (tab) with xMax in foreground, first opened editor switches to background.
    – Close second second editor, first editor got focus and comes in foreground
    – app crashes

    On Windows 7/64 bit the app is stable and don't crash.

    Is this a bug on xmax or on Windows 10? Is this bug known?

    We have also an app based on .net with xMax and a customization file, that contains TagColor-Elements, but this app is stable / do not crash.

    OS: Win10 64bit German [Version 10.0.18362.418]
    xMax: 9.0 (5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 was prior installed) 32 bit (also tested on 12.0 32bit)
    Devolopment-Environment: Eclipse / java 8 32bit/ SWT
    xml: xml file with schema file, css file and ctm file in local folder

    part of ctm-File:



    Reply to: App crashes caused by xmax

    We (XMetaL support team) will look into this, thanks for the info.


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