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    API doc request

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    Please consider adding version information to the methods, properties, and events in the API docs. For example, when new methods are introduced (e.g. in 6.0) then the documentation for those methods should say “Since 6.0” or something. That way you know if you are using a method not supported in older versions and you can also easily find the cool new stuff in the api docs without digging through the release notes.



    Derek Read

    Reply to: API doc request

    I agree, this would be useful for some people. I'll ask our documentation people to consider it.



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    I agree it would be useful and it's something we do in our docs. What I have done is to extract the .idl from the typelib in XMetaL*.exe (using the OleView.exe to open the .exe and save the .idl) and check them in. I can easily diff the different versions to see what is different. I believe that some diff tools can also create an annotated version that shows which lines were added or removed from the base; it's no longer useful as an .idl but it's useful for version differences (we are primarily only concerned about 2 different versions of XMetaL.)



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