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    ANN: X-Pubs Free Webinar: Introduction to DITA – presented by Noz Urbina

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    Date:  Tuesday February 24, 2009
    Time:  3:00pm GMT
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Cost: Free

    Come and join Noz Urbina to get a friendly introduction to DITA and see XMetaL Enterprise Edition in action.

    This informative and up to date session will introduce you to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), the fastest growing XML standard ever.  DITA lowers barriers to single-sourcing and content management by delivering information typing and component strategies out of the box, with various templates and style sheets that need only to be customised.

    DITA is an information architecture that presents a powerful solution for information developers, that is simple enough to use in various scenarios. It is meant for those who need to implement structured documentation, including writers, editors, information architects, and their managers.  This beginners session will cover the basics of creating DITA topics, assembling topics using maps, creating relationship tables, and delivering it all to various media.

    Kind regards

    Mark Poston


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