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    Adding a Logo to DITA OT output

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    I want to try and add a company logo to the DITA OT PDF and HTML output when publishing.

    As I cannot find any DITA OT folders within the install, which stylesheets should I modify to do this?



    Derek Read

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    See this page and the pages it links to for the information you need:




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    I have followed all instructions and having reattempted, it is still not putting in the logo. In fact the log does not even reference the custom.xsl file which I modified at all when I do a search.

    I am choosing XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenerX XEP

    IS this correct ?



    Derek Read

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    One easy way to check that a file you have modified is being used is to make a major error such as leaving out a closing tag. The DITA OT will then stop with a fatal error and list the file's name. Once you know a file is actually being used then I would recommend other more standard XSLT debugging methods like putting messages into the FO output and checking the FO output itself.

    In XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.0 through 7.0 that deliverable (XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP) uses the files here:

    In XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.0 they are here (due to restructuring by the DITA OT project):


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