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    ActiveDocument.Saved Property

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    We have a customization in the “On_Document_Save” macro (in XMetaL 5.1.1), and the customization sets a value to an element in the current document for certain conditions. The document is saved to the local directory successfully, but the document is now “dirty” because the attribute was modified by the macro after save is done. We need to make the document clean for this case.

    According to the XMetaL Programmer's Guide, setting Document.Saved property to true should make the document “clean” and the Save button/menu should be disabled. But this doesn't seem to work – the button/menu is still enabled and when I try to close the document, I get the popup dialog asking whether I want to save the document or not before the document is closed.

    Is there a way to make the document clean so that the menu/buttons are disabled and I don't get the popup dialog when I close the document?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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