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  • wongsk27

    ActiveDocument.RulesFile return nothing for schema (xsd schema)

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    Hi all,

          Recently, I am trying to evaluate XMetaL 5.5 Essential. I discovered that, when I open a document which binds with xsd schema, the ActiveDocument.RulesFile API doesn't return the rules file locatin to me. It happens for the  Journalist.xsd as well. In addition, after you cannot get anything from ActiveDocument.RulesFile API, if you open document which binds with DTD like journalist.dtd,  if you use the ActiveDocument.RulesFile API again, it also return nothing for you. The only way you can make  ActiveDocument.RulesFile API work again is to remove both journalist.rld and journalist.rlx files, Reopen xmetal, then the  ActiveDocument.RulesFile API will work again for the journalist.dtd, however, the journalist.xsd still remain.

    Does anybody encounter the same problem with XMetaL 5.5 Essential? I need a urgent solution for this problem.





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