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    About the Forum:
    The XMetaL Community Forums is [u]not[/u] the same as [url=]XMetaL Support[/url].

    The XMetaL Community Forums are a place for JustSystems XMetaL staff, clients and partners to share expertise on using XMetaL-branded products. JustSystems XMetaL staff sometimes provide answers via the forum and are usually quite active, however we do not assume responsibility for answering any questions posted to the forum.

    If you have a time-sensitive problem or require a direct answer from XMetaL Support please submit a case through the standard [url=]XMetaL Support[/url] channel.

    Posting Guidelines:
    Please follow these guidelines when creating new posts. You are much more likely to get an answer quickly if you do. The more detail you provide the fewer questions others will need to ask to fill in any blanks.

    • Always include the full product name and full version number. “XMetaL” is a brand name used for many different products. See “Obtaining Full Version Numbers” below.
    • There are several “boards” in the forum. Please try to create postings in the most relevant one. Each has a description.
    • Let us know whether the issue has to do with authoring, generating output (transformation to another format), customizing the product, an installation issue, licensing, or something else. Be as specific as possible.
    • Most of the time knowing which document type you are working with (the DTD or W3C XSD Schema) is important. Let us know.
    • There are usually many ways to perform a task. Be explicit as possible. An issue will usually depend on your exact steps, the exact code, the exact XML source, etc. For example, do not just say “open the file foo.xml”, specify exactly how that file is to be opened: by selecting a specific menu item, clicking a toolbar item, dragging and dropping the file, interacting with a CMS, double clicking on it in Windows Explorer, running a script or batch file, launching a custom form and clicking a button inside it, etc.
    • For products that support multiple windows and possibly also different views inside those windows, knowing which one you are working in will matter a lot of the time. Let us know. If you aren't sure if a window or view has a name/title let us know how you open it or turn it on.
    • If the operating system version or language is relevant include it. If you don't know if it is relevant include it. Supported versions of Windows are listed in the install-readme.html file included with the installer for each XMetaL product. Most of the time the English version of Windows is tested by JustSystems QA but German, French and Japanese are also tested. They do not generally test other localized versions.
    • If an issue can be reproduced using any of the sample files included with the product describe your steps in the context of using those samples. This will save you from needing to share any files.
    • If an issue can only be reproduced with your own documents or customization files include them in a ZIP file with installation instructions if necessary. Keep in mind that anyone visiting the forum can view attachments. If that is an issue submit a support case with [url=]XMetaL Support[/url] instead.
    • If a screenshot will help then include it with the post (JPG and GIF images are supported) or include it inside a ZIP file.
    • If possible, test the files and instructions on a second machine to be sure others will be able to reproduce the problem.
    • List steps to reproduce the issue in point form in a numbered list so each step can be referred to by number if clarification is required.

    Obtaining Full Version Numbers:

    • XMetaL Author Enterprise: Select the menu item “About XMetaL Author Enterprise” in the Help  menu.
    • XMetaL Author Essential: Select the menu item “About XMetaL Author Essential” in the Help  menu.
    • XMAX:
      • In Windows Explorer right click on the xmcontrol.dll and select Properties, or…
      • Call the API: myXMControl.ShowAbout(), or…
      • Select the GUI item in your XMAX container application that calls ShowAbout().
    • XMetaL Developer: Inside Visual Studio select “About Microsoft Visual Studio” in the Help menu, then scroll down and select “XMetaL Developer” in the “Installed Products” list.

    Obtaining Text from Error Dialogs:

    In many cases it is possible to copy the text from error dialogs in Windows by pressing the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Insert (or Ctrl+Shift+Ins).

    Example Request:

    Product: XMetaL Author Enterprise
    OS: Windows 7 SP1, German

    When I click on the button called “FOO-BAR” on my custom “BAZ” toolbar a dialog appears containing the following error:

    XMetaL Author Enterprise Edition
    Error on line 20. “FOO-BAR ist null oder kein Objekt.”

    Translation: Error on line 20. “FOO-BAR is null or not an object.”

    This only occurs when my document customization is loaded, it does not occur for other customizations.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Unzip attached files to an empty folder. The DTD, CSS, CTM, TBR and MCR files are included as well as a sample XML document.
    2. Launch XMetaL Author Enterprise and open the XML document using the Open option on the File menu.
    3. In the third

    element select the word “test” by double clicking on it.
    4. On the “BAZ” toolbar click the “FOO-BAR” button.
    The word “test” should be “foo-barred” but nothing happens and the error appears instead.



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    I have the impression that user @liaamsmithh95 is not using this forum as intended, but is abusing it as an advertising platform.

    Derek, please delete this message after reading.


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