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    About DITA 1.3 mathml element in XMetaL 10

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    Here is a question from my user.
    One of our user tests DITA 1.3 fuctionallity and try to output mathml elements to PDF.

    However in my investigation, “C:ProgramDataSoftQuadXMetaLSharedDITA_OT2.0pluginscom.xmetal.xmfo” (“XMetaL Enhanced via RenderX XEP”)  does not have a relevant template for mathml element.

    Moreover XEP has no support for fo:instream-object that have MathML contents.


    6.6.6 Yes[a]
    [a] can host SVG graphics.

    So I think it is impossible to output mathml element (rendering MathML) in the PDF output via XMetaL 10. Is my understanding right?


    Toshihiko Makita
    Development Group. Antenna House, Inc. Ina Branch
    E-Mail [email protected]
    Web site:


    Derek Read

    Reply to: About DITA 1.3 mathml element in XMetaL 10

    My recommended solution at this time (due to lack of support for MathML in the DITA Open Toolkit) would be to use the solution provided by our partners at Design Science for editing MathML in XMetaL Author Enterprise. Their editing tool also converts MathML into bitmap images which can be embedded in any output generated by the DITA OT that supports bitmaps (all of them).

    Their product is called “Mathflow for XMetaL”:


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