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    6.0 WebHelp Experiences?

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    What does everyone think of WebHelp?

    We wanted to use it for an online Help portal (not packaged with a product), but our web developers found it difficult to make it work in all browers.  They became quite frustrated, to say the least (and these guys are good). 

    Also, we found the single-term search to be very limiting.  What good is a search that only allows you to enter a single word?

    Am I alone, or was anyone else out there expecting a bit more from WebHelp?

    And to the JustSystems Team, sorry for the negativity, but perhaps some useful feedback can come out of this.



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    Hi mzwecker,

    Thanks for your feedback – we are working on enhancing the search, and we would be interested in hearing your requirements in more detail.

    “all browsers” is a pretty open requirement, — webhelp was tested on Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 6+, and Safari 3+, — could you provide screen shots, along with browser / OS version?

    If you would like to provide more detail on the difficulties your developers were having, please contact me at chris dot johnson at justsystems dot com


    – Chris



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    Regarding features we'd like to see in WebHelp search:

    1. It does search partial words but only starting at the beginning of a word. It would be good if it searched anywhere within a word. (It does this after I open a page, but not at the basic search level.)

    2. Would be good to be able to search multiple words using either quotes “search term” or search + term

    (Nice work on the WebHelp output, generally.  We're early in its use but it's looking good.)



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    We've gone ahead and deactivated the native search and are in the process of finalizing an implementation of ZoomSearch  – http://www.wrensoft.com/zoom/

    Once it's working 100% I'll try to share details, or contact me if you are curious.


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