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  • jcollins

    6.0 Spell checking for xml:lang=en-ca

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    The new changes to the 6.0 spell checker are exciting.  We are trying to make use of the xml:lang recognition feature for spell checking.  I think we have gathered most of the information, but can't quite connect the dots yet.  We'd appreciate some help.

    We want to use the Canadian dictionary to spell check a file if the xml:lang code is “en-ca”.  OOTB, the demo version doesn't quite handle this right.  Spell checking a document with the lang code of en-ca generates a warning dialog which I included as an attachment.  It basically tells me the dictionary isn't installed.  However, if I use the language code of “en-ce” (notice the ce, not ca) then the Canadian spell checker works great and prompts me to spell “color” as “colour”. 

    I figured that this means I need to give XMetaL a hint about what language code to associate with which dictionary.  I discovered the Help topic on “Controlling the active dictionary via xml:lang” which indicates that I can make an entry in an INI file to give XMetaL this hint.  I think my whole question boils down to what is the syntax of the entry in the ini file and what ini file is the right one (maybe xmetal.ini?).

    Thanks for your help.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: 6.0 Spell checking for xml:lang=en-ca

    I've posted a reply here:,539

    (it was written to cover this topic in general and not in direct response to this question so I started a new topic to make it easier to find)


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